• Why Choose REACH?

    When you choose to homeschool with REACH, you're also supporting your local Sitka community!

    Enrollment in REACH helps support and enrich the opportunities within the Sitka School District that ALL students in Sitka can enjoy.  


    ~ Progress Report #3 ~

    DUE March 13th!


    Progress Report forms are available online through the Forms link and in the REACH office 


    A Child's Classroom is the World...
    REACH is a Sitka School District Homeschool Support Program for families who reside in Sitka
    REACH provides educational support while honoring parental choice in curricular materials and methodology based upon the specific needs of each individual child. Your child's academic success and your success as a homeschooling parent are our priorities. Teaming together to provide the best educational experience is our specialty.
    REACH also has a rich resource library which is full of educational materials to help assist in creating the best educational experience for your child. The Lending Library resources are available to all REACH families. 
    Contact the REACH Coordinator to find out how the REACH program can meet your family's homeschooling needs.

Connecting with REACH

  • Families interested in enrolling
    with REACH Homeschool should
    contact the
    REACH office to
    discuss options that would best
    fit your student's educational
    needs. Call for an appointment
    REACH Office 
    Baranof Elementary School, Rm 30
    12:00 - 3:30 (M - F)
    (907) 747-7514
    REACH Coordinator
    Colleen Carroll
    (907) 966-1330
    REACH HS Liaison
    Beau Hedrick
    SHS Library
    (907) 966-1939
    REACH Secretary
    Amy Rowe-Danielson
    (907) 966-1338
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