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SSD Technology (Tech) Committee

The Goal of the Tech Committee is to provide the Sitka Schools learning community with universal access to a dynamic learning environment.

Foundational Beliefs:

Purposeful use of technology does not just happen. It results from intentional focus. Our goal is to create a learning community that supports healthy use of technology in school and beyond.

  • We need to embrace and empower our students and staff as digital learners
  • All learners need access to the resources they need for a successful education
  • We will seek to maximize our resources through partnerships
  • Learning environments need to be dynamic and flexible to respond to a changing world
Committee Members:
  • Chair: Amanda Duvall
  • K-1 Teacher: Jeff Hole
  • Elementary Teacher: Jackie Horton
  • Middle School Teacher: Mike Kaminsky
  • Sitka High School Teacher: Mikolas Bekeris
  • Pacific High School: Eric Matthes
  • Principal: Ben White
  • Librarian: Kari Sagel
  • Assistive Technology: Robin McNeilley
  • Parent: Beau Bauder
  • Student: Kasper Brown
  • District Office: Phil Burdick and Sarah Ferrency
  • IT Director: Ian Crane
  • Arts Cultural Technology Facilitator: Jessica Christianson
  • School Board Member: Dr. Conley