Design Workshop 2020

Posted by Mary Wegner on 3/3/2020

2020 Leave Your Print Challenge

Top Idea: Trained Counselors in Every School

Addresses the Need: Student Mental Health support

Design Workshop Goal: Study the problem to develop empathy, and then create a lean plan to implement a prototype that begins to address the need and can be built upon over time

Design Workshop Participants: Amy Zanuzoski, Chuck Miller, Doug Osborne, Emily Demmert, Hillary Nutting, Jean Swanson, Loyd Platson, Paul Rioux, Rebecca Poulson, Sydney Carter, and Tammy Sumauang with support from Mary Wegner

Design Workshop Facilitators: Krsitin Daniels and Tristan Guevin

Design Workshop Dates: March 2nd and 3rd

Results of the Design Workshop

Focus Theme: Student access to resources during the school day

Point of View Statement: Students whose learning is negatively impacted by outside factors need mental health support during the school day because a student's success and feeling of value is directly impacted by mental health

How Might We...

  • Create mental health supports for students during the day?
  • Help students feel supported during the day?
  • Optimize existing resources to help students?

Solutions: Multiple ideas were generated - some big and some small, and with a bias towards action our goal was to start with a lean prototype that we can implement and learn from through successive iterations

Prototype: Leverage existing resources within the community to staff a room in one of our secondary schools

Pilot: Beginning the week of April 6th, work with community partners to provide support for students at some level in a dedicated room at one of our secondary schools.

Iteration Process: Interested Design Team members and those directly involved in supporting the room will communicate regularly to evaluate and refine the idea and make recommendations for the next step in the process

Images from Design Workshop