Teach me how to cut.

Posted by Zelena Z. Stablo on 3/17/2015

Teach me how to cut.

Cutting can be difficult.
And the first rule is: don't make anyone bleed when you do it.
Case in point: $1.4 Billion was promised as credits to the oil companies and $32.2 Million was promised to the children of Alaska. Should the State break its "promise" to the oil companies, or should it break its promise to the schoolchildren of Alaska? How we cut, where we cut, makes all the difference. 

“This year, for the first time in state history, we are making less than zero from a tax meant to compensate Alaska for the taking of its oil resources,” Gov. Bill Walker stated in January. 

“I think we can all agree that an oil production tax that nets negative returns to the state does not meet Alaska’s constitutional mandate to develop our resources for the maximum benefit of the people. 

Does the Legislature have the will to cut these cash payments to the oil companies?
Does the Legislature have the will to restore the "one-time funding" to our children?
Who is injured if the oil companies don't receive their $1.4 Billion -- multi-billion dollar corporations or our most precious resource: our children's education and success? 
We think those are appropriate questions to ponder as we watch just one of our students work with one of our teachers to learn the proper way to cut.