The smallest contributors may be the biggest

Posted by Zelena Z. Stablo on 3/7/2015

Little Contributors

Violet and Nai'a sit in the front row of Ms. Horton's third grade class at Keet Gooshi Heen Elementary. A few weeks ago they received a 2015 Service Award at a city-wide ceremony.
"I was really excited and a little bit nervous." Violet recalled. "I've never wanted to be president or anything but I'd like to be a leader that is nice and helps people get involved with their cultures."
Violet says she enjoys visiting friends, attending the Sitka Native Education Program, fish camp, and weaving camp. She would like to be a veterinarian when she grows up.
Nai'a is known throughout the school as an athlete. She plays basketball, baseball, and is a bronze level swimmer on the Baranof Barracudas Swim Team. She is also active in 4H and attends Sitka Fine Arts Camp classes.
When asked about winning the Service Award, Nai'a said "I was surprised. I want to be remembered by my peers for helping people that can't do things. I help this man at the hospital that goes around picking up garbage everyday in his wheelchair."
Nai'a would like to be something we may have never hard of: "An artist/doctor." You go, girl!
"A leader that is nice."
"Helping people that can't do things."
Just the casual words of Violet and Nai'a as they chat about their goals. May each of us have that kind of goal.  They are only about 10... but they are already visibly contributing to their community!