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    Wooch.een Yei Jigaxtoonei - We are Working Together Preschool Program
    • Central Council Tlingit & Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska (CCTHITA) Head Start
    • Sitka School District (SSD)
    • Sitka Tribe of Alaska (STA)
    Wooch.enn Yei Jigaxtoonei is a partnership that pools existing resources to provide the maximum benefit to children and families aged 3-5 years old in order to close the achievement gap for students who qualify as low income. Wooch.een is a program designed to help the district meet School Board Goal #1 - The School District will work towards closing the achievement gap for students who qualify as low income, which was selected as a 2012 SSD Strategic Plan Action Research project.

    Theory of Action: If the District engages low-income students and their families in early education programs that meet or address their distinct needs, and if administration/staff work to engage K through 12 low-income families through collaborative professional development and action with the community, then we create improved and equitable experiences and outcomes which will lead to closing the achievement gap and increasing graduation rates for our students.

    Research Question: What is the effect of a culturally-responsive, diversely populated preschool with a minimum of 6 hours each week on Kindergarten readiness and future academic success?

    Updated: 1/31/16