• Little girl, arms outstretched with caption: Teach the whole child.  

    Teach the Whole Child

    Assistant Superintendent Sarah Ferrency shares a key approach to teaching effectively: "We really do focus on teaching the whole child." 

    One of the frustrations of parents and teachers alike in the last several decades has been the focus in American education on standardized testing. The goal was good: force schools to be accountable for the results they achieve in teaching kids. But the result in many places has been cutting out "extras" like music, art, and career education in order to meet government performance standards in the "3R's".
    Not in Sitka. Music and the arts, along with career education, are part of the warp and woof of our educational philosophy, and there is wide community support for these values.
    What really excites teachers and parents, though is that when the arts and music permeate the entire curriculum, along with active science and exciting technology, the "whole child" is stimulated. Learning happens best when it can advance on all fronts.
    In this video, we see glimpses of how these principles are visible every day throughout the Sitka school district.