Raven's Way

We are an authentic, experiential learning substance abuse high school program that is culturally based around Alaska Native practices. We are under the umbrella of Sitka High School, but function with autonomy. The pedagogy is designed to transpire through culturally relevant, place-based learning that is driven by products indicative of a student's learning and therapeutic progress. All academic products are connected to national competencies & state standards. All students that embrace the curriculum and counseling culminate with a high quality presentation to a professional crowd and the public.

Students spend their entire experience at Raven's Way answering the guiding question: How do I live a healthy and culturally enriched lifestyle? When a student leaves the program they are empowered with coping skills and knowledge about substance abuse, family dynamics & the process of addiction. Raven's Way is geared to accommodate the whole student.

Raven's Way is a residential treatment program that focuses on developing each youth's physical, emotional, mental and spiritual strengths, as well as their communication and problem-solving skills. We are located on the South East Alaska Regional Health Consortium's campus.

Due to the intensity of our program and the time commitment, we are able to successfully set-up our students through product driven work that will meet the students' credit needs within the following subjects. Upon graduation from our program a student will earn:

  • .5 credits in P.E.

  • .5 credits of AK Studies

  • .5 credits of Health

  • .5-1 credit of elective depending on products, time in the program and level of competency.

Additional Credit Options:

University of South East Alaska- 1 P.E credit. Price of credit will be posted soon.


We were the first accredited program in the country to combine both front country and back country experiences, which provides a nurturing and proven combination for students to embrace learning and empowerment. We ran as a cohort model until the fall of AD 2013, when we transitioned to an open door-all year program.