SSD Professional Learning (PL) Committee

According to the 2022-2024 SEA Negotiated Agreement, the PL Committee is charged with collaborating on the planning for professional development throughout the District. The focus of the PD Committee is on individual, District, and technology professional learning designed to foster an educational environment that increases student engagement and achievement across the District.

Teacher Representatives:

  • Baranof Elementary School: Jacquie Hedrick

  • Keet Gooshi Heen Elementary School: Jeanine Brooks

  • Blatchley Middle School: Alex Dailey

  • Sitka High School: Stacy Golden

  • Pacific High School: Matt Groen

SESPA Representatives:

  • Twila Keaveny

Administrative Representatives:

  • Elementary: Mindy Barry

  • Secondary: Mandy Summers

  • District: Jessica Christianson