About Us

The Sitka School Board consists of five elected members and one student representative from Sitka High School. The School Board meets once a month generally on the first Wednesday of each month in the Sitka High School library unless otherwise advertised

To send an email to all of the School Board members, (this includes the Superintendent and School Board secretary), use schoolboard@sitkaschools.org
Blossom Teal-Olsen, President

Phone: (907) 738-9671

E-mail: Tealolsenb@sitkaschools.org

Term Expires: 2023

First Elected: 2020

Todd Gebler, Vice-President

Phone: (407) 267-4425

E-mail: Geblert@sitkaschools.org

Term Expires: 2024

First Elected: 2021

Tristan Guevin, Clerk

Phone: (907) 738-5415

E-mail: Guevint@sitkaschools.org

Term Expires: 2024

First Elected: 2022

Melonie Boord, Member

Phone: (907) 738-1645

Email: boordm@sitkaschools.org

Term Expires: 2023

First Elected: 2022

Mitch Mork, Member

Phone: (907) 223-0183

E-mail: morkm@sitkaschools.org

Term Expires: 2025

First Elected: 2022