Kindergarten Standards

  • The standards highlighted in yellow are the level standards used in reporting to parents and students. There may be some differences in wording on the report cards.

    RD.1 - Fluency

    ‚ RD.1.1 - Read Text Aloud

    ƒ RD.1.1.1 - Predicts words. Reads 15 high frequency words

     RD.2 - Word Identification Skills

    ‚ RD.2.1 - Use Structural Analysis: Read Words

    ƒ RD.2.1.1 - Identifies all capital letters

    ƒ RD.2.1.10 - When a word is spoken... produces 12-14 ending sounds and states 12-14 ending letter names.

    ƒ RD.2.1.2 - Identifies all lower case Letters

    ƒ RD.2.1.3 - Produces all consonant sounds

    ƒ RD.2.1.4 - When a word is spoken... produces 16-18 beginning sounds and states 17-19 letter names.
     WR.2 - Structures and Conventions of Writing

    ‚ WR.2.1 - Writes and Edits Using Conventions of Standard English

    ƒ WR.2.1.1 - Writes words represented by initial and ending sounds

    ƒ WR.2.1.10 - When words are dictated, writes beginning letters

    ƒ WR.2.1.11 - Writes more than one word to represent a sentence.

     MA.1 - Numeration

    ‚ MA.1.1 - Understanding Numbers

    ƒ MA.1.1.1 - Count to 50. Counts by 10's to 100

    ƒ MA.1.1.2 - Identifies Number 0-20

    ƒ MA.1.1.3 - Writes Numbers 0-10

    ƒ MA.1.1.4 - Builds Sets to Match Written Numbers 0-10

     MA.4 - Functions & Relationships

    ‚ MA.4.1 - Describing Patterns and Functions

    ƒ MA.4.1.1 - Creates and Explains AB Patterns

     MA.5 - Geometry

    ‚ MA.5.1 - Geometric Relationships

    ƒ MA.5.1.1 - Identifies Circles, Squares, Triangles, and Rectangles

    ƒ MA.5.1.8 - Sorts objects at least three different ways.