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    Sitka High School Staff Information is listed below. All Sitka School District contact information can be also found in the Directory or by clicking Contact Contact
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Email First Name Last Name Phone Building Room Position
ashleya@sitkaschools.org Angela Ashley 747-3263 SHS Para
bahrtt@sitkaschools.org Theodore Bahrt 966-1931 SHS 206 Math
beachl@sitkaschools.org Lanis Beach 966-1910 SHS 116 Special Ed
bekerism@sitkaschools.org Mikolas Bekeris 966-1934 SHS 214 Computers
bradyk@sitkaschools.org Kristilyn Brady 747-3263 SHS Para
bryana@sitkaschools.org Adriana Bryan 966-1949 SHS Para
chambersa@sitkaschools.org Amanda Chambers 966-1940 SHS 222 Science|Chemistry
christiansonk@sitkaschools.org Kersten Christianson 966-1947 SHS 217 English
clarkb@sitkaschools.org Ben Clark 966-1911 SHS 221 English
connellys@sitkaschools.org Simon Connelly 747-3263 SHS Para
corderob@sitkaschools.org Benjamin Cordero 966-1927 SHS 209 Counselor
cranei@sitkaschools.org Ian Crane 966-1938 SHS IT Director
demmerte@sitkaschools.org Emily Demmert 966-1945 SHS 114 English
Flannaganc@sitkaschools.org Colin Flannagan 747-3263 SHS Para
goldens@sitkaschools.org Stacy Golden 966-1941 SHS 224
grayk@sitkaschools.org Keri Gray 966-1937 SHS 200 Math
haugr@sitkaschools.org Ryan Haug 966-1905 SHS 208 Registrar
hedrickb@sitkaschools.org Beau Hedrick 966-1939 SHS Library Librarian
hodgesj@sitkaschools.org Jacob Hodges 747-3263 SHS Para
jenkins@sitkaschools.org Sabrina Jenkins 747-3263 SHS Para
kerninm@sitkaschools.org Michael Kernin 966-1913 SHS 108 Music
krupar@sitkaschools.org Rich Krupa 966-1956 SHS Office Activities Director
lassd@sitkaschools.org David Lass 966-1915 SHS 104 Art
lecronej@sitkaschools.org James Lecrone 747-3263 SHS Para
littlefieldr@sitkaschools.org Roberta Littlefield 966-1451 SHS 205 Tlingit