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    Sitka School Board Meeting

    November 7, 2017


    6:00 p.m. - School Board Meeting


    Sitka High School Library


    Proposed Agenda

    Administrative Responses

    1. Call to Order
    2. Flag Salute
    3. Roll Call
    4. Approval of the Proposed Agenda
    5. Recognitions
      a. Recognize Cross Country
    6. Persons To Be Heard
    7. Reports
      a. Report Shared at the Clan Conference - Mandy Evans, Nancy Douglas, Phil Burdick, Lillian Young- PowerPoint
      b. Report on Alaska Education Challenge-Mary Suminski, Rachel Roy, Rebecca Himschoot - Website / Draft Document
    8. Board Member Reports
    9. Administrative Reports
      a. Budget Update - Cassee Olin - budget
      b. Enrollment Update- Mary Wegner - Enrollment
      c. Superintendent Update -Mary Wegner - Report
    10. Consent Agenda (These items will be considered in a single motion and will not be discussed unless an item is requested to be taken off the consent agenda by a Board Member)
      a. Approval of October 3, 2017 Minutes - Minutes
      b. Approval of October 17, 2017 Minutes - Minutes
      c. Approval of BP 6172 Special Education- Second Reading - BP 6172
    11. New Business
      a. Approval of School Board Goals - Board Retreat  board goals
      b. Approval of BP 6146.2 Early Graduation - First Reading - BP 6146.2
      c. Approval of BP 6165 Videotape and Photography - First Reading - BP 6165
      d. Approval of Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Standards - SEL Standards
      e. Approval of Letter of Support for Secure Rural Schools
    12. Correspondence and Information (Separate Packet)
    13. Upcoming Events
      a. AASB Annual Meeting- November 9-12, 2017 - Anchorage
      b. Budget Meeting with Assembly - January 10, 2018
    14. Adjournment