• Eric Van Cise, Clerk
    Eric Van Cise

         My name is Eric Van Cise and a newly elected School Board member as of fall 2015. I grew up in a suburb of Seattle, Washington and spent those years enjoying the ocean and mountains of the Northwest.

         Upon graduation from High School, I moved to Oregon and while working, attended college at Eastern Oregon State College and Oregon State University as a part time student.

         Alaska finally set the hook in me in 1983 and I have been in the state since, having lived in Hoonah, Fairbanks and Sitka.

    My time here has been occupied by commercial salmon trolling as an owner operator for decades along with a 12 year stint with the USFS and as a 12 year Flight Medic and founding member of SEARHC Air Medevac. I am currently employed for Alaska Marine Safety Education Association (AMSEA) as their Gear Manger and a trainer of their marine safety courses.

         My spouse and I have two sons, both born and raised here in Sitka. Our oldest graduated in 2015 and is currently attending University of Alaska Fairbanks and our younger son is a Sophomore due to graduate in 2018. I am the Sitka High School Soccer coach and enjoy being active with our school kids, families and our great District staff.

        Regarding our Sitka School District, I feel we have some of the most skilled and dedicated teachers in the state with a community that adds it's part to a healthy and productive educational environment. My goal is to listen to our staff, parents and children to hear what is working and what is not - then doing what I can to make adjustments so all can benefit.