• Digital Video


    Vocational Ed.

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    Basic Computer Applications

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    Course Description           

    This project-based course guides students through five production stages of video making: conceptualization, planning, shooting, editing and distribution. Course integrates storyboarding, capturing video, multiple editing techniques, adding effects and titles, and outputting to a variety of formats.

    Major Topics

    v Intro to digital video – nuts and bolts

    v Stages of making a good video

    v Digital image editing techniques

    v Importance of good storyboard

    v Video capture techniques and technologies

    v Video editing techniques and technologies

    v Special effects and titles

    v Compression and output formats

    Standards To Be Met

    Content Standards – 85% of Final Grade

    · Basic Equipment Operations

    · Storyboard

    · Video Editing

    · Media Exporting Techniques

    · Computer Ethics

    Life Skills Standards – 15% of Final Grade

    · Work Ethic

    · Participation

    · Courtesy/Respect        

    Grading/Earning Credit

    The District grades according to standards taught in the course. All standards are assessed on a uniform scale and a uniform mark table. Final grades are based upon a culmination of all marks earned throughout the semester (85% Content Standards and 15% Life Skill Standards).