• District Parent/Family Engagement Policy Revision
    In response to new requirements in the Every Student Succeeds Act of 2015, SSD is revising both District and School Parent/Family Engagement policies. The District Office convened a task force and held focus groups with underrepresented parent/family groups in the spring of 2019, and drafted new policies in the fall of 2019. In winter 19-20, school staff will create School Parent/Family Engagement policies and solicit feedback on both the District and the School policies from staff and families. This feedback will be used to revise the policies as needed, after which they will be submitted the the Sitka School Board for approval.
    Please find the draft District Parent/Family Engagement Policy below, along with links to provide feedback on the Distract policy. Draft school policies and associated surveys will be distributed by school staff. 
    Staff, please see your principal for the link to the staff feedback surveys.
    Updated: 12/4/2019