• Paul Rioux, Clerk

    Paul Rioux

    Born and raised in Maine, Sitka has been my home since 1995.

    Professionally I’ve worked as a Marine Hydraulics Specialist at Precision

    Boatworks for over a decade, and before that as a commercial fisherman.


    I currently have a daughter and two sons enrolled in the district.
    My eldest son is a SHS graduate who lives and works in Sitka.


    I’ve served this community as a volunteer and board member of many organizations,

    now I’ve stepped forward to be part of Sitka’s school board and I’m honored to have

    been elected. I believe that our schools are an investment in tomorrow and that we are

    educating not only our children, but our future neighbors, employees, and coworkers.

    During my term I pledge to work to advocate for the funding to allow our committed

    staff to do the work of educating our communities future leaders at a caliber that all deserve.