Dionne Brady-Howard, Member
    I was raised in Sitka by my maternal grandparents, the late Bill and Isabella Brady. My paternal grandparents are Glenn and Liz Howard. My parents are Louise Brady and Glenn Howard, and my daughter is Isabella “Izzy” Jackson.


    I attended the Sitka School District through the 9th grade, then I graduated from Mt. Edgecumbe High School. I am also a product of the Sitka Native Education Program, which I participated in for fifteen years. I earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Secondary Education from Sheldon Jackson College.


    I have been a high school social studies teacher since 1998, and at Mt. Edgecumbe High School since 2000. Even with all of its challenges, education remains a passion of mine both as a veteran educator, and as a mother.


    Though the biological mother of only one daughter, I do not believe biology to be the only link between parent and child, and as such, I am the proud mother of several kids through step-parenting, foster parenting, and also boarding school parenting.


    I am the caretaker of my Kiks.adi clan’s songs, and am active leading two Tlingit dance groups in town, as well as serving as a consultant for the 6th through 12th grade students at the Sitka Native Education Program this year. Preservation of my language and culture is of great importance to me as one who has been blessed to learn a great deal about my culture.