• Alumni Survey
    Sitka High School Graduates
    "The school district was a huge influence on me professionally and socially. Sitka had a lot of awesome opportunities and I feel like to took advantage of a least a few of them. I think the school district gave me a curiosity of the world that a lot my peers around the rest of the United States don't have." - SHS Alumni
    Thanks to the efforts of a few current and retired teachers, we were able to conduct a survey of Sitka High School students who graduated between the years of 2004-2008. We had 125 graduates respond to our survey request.
    The survey asked the following questions:Alumni Survey Results
    • Name
    • What are you currently doing professionally?
    • How did you prepare for your current professional work?
    • What if any was the role of the Sitka School District in helping to prepare you for life after graduation?
    • Was there a Sitka School District teacher who had a positive impact on your life? If yes, who is that teacher?
    • Can we contact you with follow-up questions?
    The survey responses are summarized in a PDF document.
    Thank You to everyone who completed the Alumni Survey. Your viewpoint matters, and will help us improve for current and future students!