• Title IID (2010-11 school year) 
    Turning Our School Inside Out!6th Grade Grant Classroom
    Five Blatchley Middle School (BMS) 6th grade teachers participated in an Enhancing Education Through Technology (E2T2) competitive grant titled Turning Our School Inside Out, which focused on helping students and teachers achieve proficiency in technology literacy and skill in integrating technology into the curriculum. The teachers involved in the grant represented each of the four core curriculum areas (Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies) and the technology teacher. Two coaches were available to provide in-classroom support, and two co-project coordinators were responsible for organizing and providing the various professional development activities. Through a combination of E2T2 and other federal funds combined and District funds, the teachers received an interactive whiteboard, a classroom set of student response "clickers", a document camera, a digital still and a video camera, a laptop, and shared access to a cart of student laptops. They also received 10 days of professional development designed to help them integrate this new technology into their daily classroom lessons.
    The purpose of SSD’s E2T2 competitive grant was to engage 6th grade students to be collaborators and contributors in their own learning. In order to achieve this goal, the E2T2 grant focused on helping 6th grade teachers learn how to re-design their classroom learning experiences to purposefully integrate technology into the fiber of learning. Historically, 6th grade students were having difficulties transitioning to the middle school, and the intent of the E2T2 grant was to change the traditional classroom experience through access to technological tools combined with professional development in best practices for a 21st century classroom. The hope was to have students feel connected to the academic content and their classmates thus helping with the transition to the rest of their school career.

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    The culture of teaching and learning in the Sitka School District is forever changed. Thanks to the efforts of the teachers involved in the grant and the  opportunity provided by the E2T2 grant, a critical mass of stakeholders (students, parents, school board, teachers, and administrators) now embrace our journey towards relevant teaching and learning for today’s students.
    Below is a sampling of comments that summarize impact:

    “My classroom looks very different now as a result of the technology. I will continue to look for ways to make that technology useful in meaningful ways. I am aiming for technology use that is not just technology replacing the old way of doing things, but instead, as a way to get students exploring and thinking at a higher level than before.
    – Deb Riva, WaveVII Teacher

    “The opportunity for extensive training is really what made an impact on my professional practice”
    - Annie Neeb, WaveVII Teacher
    “I have to be honest and say it changed my philosophy about what students need to be doing. Instead of learning facts, they need to be learning how to learn.” - Patty Dick, WaveVII Teacher

    • Evaluator, Dr. Jason Ohler's Final Report
    • SSD's E2T2 Application
    • Mid-Term Report submitted to the Alaska Department of Education and Early Development (EED)
    • Final Report submitted to EED
    • Case Study done by the State Education Technology Director's Association (SETDA) 
    • Lesson Plans created by the grant teachers:
    - Annie Neeb: Language Arts
    - Deb Riva: Math
    - Emily Demmert: Technology
    - Patty Dick: Science
    - Tom Henshaw: Social Studies
    • Teachers: Annie Neeb, Deb Riva, Emily Demmert, Patty Dick, and Tom Henshaw
    • Coaches: Ann Dagnillo and Kari Sagel
    • Project Coordinators: Joe Robidou and Mary Wegner 
    • Evaluator: Dr. Jason Ohler
    • Professional Development Consultants: Dr. Enid Silverstein, Dr. Lynne Schrum, and Dr. Trina Davis
    • EED Contacts: Cecilia Miller and Roxy Mourant