• Status of Current Grant Projects
    Please note that many of these grants are also listed under the Programs Menu > Grants and/or have other websites dedicated to them. The purpose of having them also listed here is to help facilitate communication about where each grant is in process, and also ensure that they are included in our list of current projects.
    Updated: 7/19/18

    AmeriCorps: Grant Period 2013-2018
    AmeriCorps members come from all over the country to offer a year of service (1700+hrs) in Sitka. AmeriCorps members serve at a variety of sites throughout the Sitka School District and in supported community partners agencies for twelve month service terms. 
    Budget: $317,079 annually

    Culturally Responsive Embedded Social & Emotional Learning (CRESEL): Grant Period 2016-2019
    CRESEL is an Investing in Innovation (i3) grant in partnership with the Association of Alaska School Boards (AASB) and 6 other school districts around Alaska. The purpose of CRESEL is to support district and school personnel in helping students effectively master Social Emotional Learning (SEL) skills in ways consistent with their cultural context. SEL skills include:
    • self-awareness
    • self-management
    • social awareness
    • relationship building
    • decision-making
     Anticipated outcomes include:
    • improved academic achievement
    • fewer behavioral problems
    • increased student engagement
    • improved school climate and cultural connectedness
    • reinforcement of SEL in after-school, families, and the community
    Budget: TBD annually

    Margaret A. Cargill Foundation (MACF): Grant Period 2016-2018
    The Sitka School District has partnered with the Sitka Fine Arts Camp and the University of Alaska Southeast on work that is supported by a series of MACF grants. The MACF grants are designed to support the implementation and extension of our Arts, Culture, and Technology (ACT) Standards and Curriculum work by supporting new-to-district/profession and pre-service teachers participate in systemic training in the area of arts and culture. Additionally, the grants allow us to hire an ACT Curriculum Expert to support teachers as they integrate the ACT standards in their daily work with students.
    Budget: $150,000 annually

    New Visions: Grant Period - annually
    Alaska State Council on the Arts grant designed to cultivate a systemic and sustainable arts education program in the Sitka School District. The major goals for our New Visions project are as follows:

    1. To develop Art, Culture, and Technology (ACT) standards that are adopted by the Sitka School District’s (SSD) School Board
    2. To provide SSD students with opportunities to interact with Teaching Artists
    Total Budget: $5,000