• Strategic Plans
    Beginning in 2012, the Sitka School District has used Action Reserach as a Strategic Plan to implement projects designed to advance our School Board Goals. Each Action Research Strategic Planning process involved a two-year cycle. During the first year, we convened a shareholder group to identify two of the School Board Goals upon which to focus, and then we worked with a steering committee to develop Action Research questions and accompanying projects designed to make measurable progress towards achieving the identified School Board Goals. The Action Research projects were then implemented during the second year of the two-year cycle. At each shareholder meeting, we also reviewed and updated, as needed, our district's Vision, Mission, and Values. You can see the Strategic Plans we developed thorugh this process below.
    Beginning with the 2018-19 school year, we wanted to re-think our Strategic Planning process, and have identified the following needs:
    • Articulate the why of what we are working to accomplish with the School Board Goals and through the implemention of district initiatives
    • Identify the long-range strategic direction of our work
    • Fundamental shift in the structure of gathering input so that a significantly larger pool of voices can contribute to the shaping of our Strategic Plan
    • Serve as an umbrella that unites and influences all of our work without creating silo projects that serve to distract us from our collective work

    2020 Strategi Plan: Beginning in the 2019-20 school year, we became involved with the InnovateK12 collaborative and implemented a Strategic Plan process that was built on gathering input from students, staff, families, and the community.

    • Click here to learn more about our 2020 Strategic Plan process
    • Summary Strategic Plan Working Document [PDF]
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    2016-18 Strategic Plan:

    2014-16 Strategic Plan: Summary of 2014-16 Strategic Plan [PDF]

    2012-14 Strategic Plan:

    • Face-to-Face Meeting Summary [PDF]
    • Action Research Agenda [PDF] 
    • Vision, Mission, and Values Cover Story [PDF]
    • Wooch.een Yei Jigaxhtoonei Cover Story [PDF]
    • Professional Development Cover Story [PDF]
    • Revised Mission: Foster each child’s maximum growth in academics, social-emotional and physical wellbeing
      • Prepare children for their chosen careers, and inspire them to become active, informed community members by providing: 
      • Relevant, innovative, and engaging learning opportunities
      • Clear goals and high expectations
      • Opportunities for collaboration among students, parents, staff, and community using an active outreach to stakeholders
      • A culture of respect for self and others, and no tolerance for bullying
    • Revised Values:
      • Children as the top priority
      • Academic excellence
      • High quality staff
      • Cultural understanding, respect and equity
      • Education as a community responsibility
      • Holistic educational opportunities
      • Preparing children to make effective life choices
      • Community and global citizenship