• "I've had an amazing time in Sitka. The community has made me feel very welcome and through my service I have learned so much more about myself"
    "This has been amazing, I give my service and I have been allowed to do such amazing work. I'm almost paid in experience and learning new skills."

    Are you interested in joining the team and becoming an AmeriCorps member?  Please call or email Sarah Lawries at lawries@sitkaschools.org.

    To apply, visit the AmeriCorps website and search for positions in Sitka.  If you have any questions, or want more information about what it’s like to be a member, contact Sarah at 907-966-1440 or 907-752-0306 (cell). 

    See the benefits of having an AmeriCorps member, and want to include one in your organization?  Contact Sarah at 907-966-1440 to discuss.