• "I like that Sitka has such a supportive, inclusive community and I appreciate how it takes care of its community members - whether they have just arrived or have lived here their entire lives."

    "It's important to me to know that I am helping prepare kids for a better future with the skills to make good choices. Sitka is a small, isolated community that places an emphasis on the arts which makes it an interesting place to live."


    AmeriCorps members come from all over the country to offer a year of service (1700+hrs) in beautiful Sitka, Alaska.

    These members serve at a variety of sites throughout the community, including:

    In addition to these sites, AmeriCorps members support the community by volunteering at events that happen throughout the year. Some of these events include the Turkey Trot, the Wearable Arts Show, plays, youth sports, acedemic coaching, concerts, the monthly Grind, and more!
    Sitka AmeriCorps members teamed up with Juneau Members for AmeriCorps Week