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I promise to work hard.

Posted by Zelena Z. Stablo at 3/8/2015

 I promise to work hard. 

Tai practices his brazing technique.

A few conversations with teachers and students at Sitka High School reveal that one of the most motivating opportunities that many students experience is the ability to make things with their own hands. The Career and Technical Education department at SHS focuses on both new and old technologies. In this photo a student practices his brazing technique. Whether or not he chooses to pursue a career that involves welding, he has enlarged his brain and his self-confidence with the skills of a metal worker.

Other students focus on the design of various objects, and learn how to control the fabrication via digital software. 
This Spring the CTE department is in a celebratory mood because the Department of Commerce grant which made possible the construction of a spacious Technical Education Center has borne fruit... and the building will soon be completed. Randy Hughey shares some of his excitement in the attached video.